I’ve come to discover that the art of entertaining is as much a science as an art. It has everything to do with careful planning and recording, and this diary is designed to help you do exactly that.

Introducing the Perfect Entertaining & Party Planning Journal for Today’s Hosts

The Dinner Party Diary™ is a wonderful tool for creating memorable events because it combines the best of planning ahead while looking back. Use it to organize key components for your next soirée and to recall important lessons from parties past. Personalize your parties by keeping an ongoing record of guests’ adorations and aversions. And record those things that went spectacularly well, and those that aren’t worth your time and effort to repeat. With The Dinner Party Diary, you’ll always enjoy hosting, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to celebrate.

The Dinner Party Diary will help you:
• Record lessons from parties past
• Plan fabulous menus and drink pairings
• Note guests’ aversions and adorations
• Create perfect seating arrangements
• Coordinate centerpieces, music and décor
• Schedule never-miss timetables
• Remember last-minute essentials
• Organize vendor contacts
• Preserve favorite recipes
• Cherish memorable moments

Features include:
• Party Preparation Timeline
• Recommended Serving Portions
• Easy Measurement Conversions
• Table-Setting Etiquette

Hardcover, 156 pages
ISBN 978-0-615-53899-0
Published by Good+Green
Printed in USA